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May 2, 2019
by hmsrae

Week 9: My Favorite TV Shows!

This week I will be writing about my favorite TV shows. The first show that I really enjoy is The Vampire Diaries. The show is really funny even though there is some violence. This show ended but it has eight seasons. The characters are  Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, and Caroline. You can go to the set of the Vampire Diaries in Covington, Georgia.

My next favorite show is The Good Place. It is about a girl who accidentally got into “The Good Place” instead of  “The Bad Place”.  She tries to become good so she can stay in The Good Place. This show is so funny and it is a romance. I hope you try to watch these shows because there really good.


February 10, 2019
by hmssean

All Me by hmssean

Hi my name is Sean and i am eleven years old and i live in Hawaii, the natural paradise. I live in Kailua, five minutes from the nearest beach. My favorite things to do are play soccer, swim, go hunting, jujitsu , and read a good book. i will play soccer with my friend at the rec center. i swim at kailua beach as well as  at the pool. I normally go hunting at select places off the pali as well as places in town. when you hunt off the the pali there are normally wild boar that you are hunting for. when you go hunting in the mountains there normally some wild goats. My dad and i are actually planning a hunting trip on the big island or Maui.


When i get my own blog i plan on writing weekly and posting about myself, hunting, and my work. I plan on going on a hunting trip with my dad and when i get back i’ll post about that. I will post my test scores and i’ll also post my projects that i feel are important.



In the picture There is a Henry 22 caliber repeating rifle. It was my first rifle that I have ever shot(not including BB guns)It is the first repeating action rifle ever made (you don’t have to reload. It was invented during the civil war.


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February 8, 2019
by hmsjack

Finally A new update

So there was recently a new update to Fortnite. It was probably the best thing to happen to forntite in a long time. So many bugs and glitches were fixed and there were so many new improvements to the game. This is the kind of thing that everyone usally likes to happen to the game. Everything is improved and its the same game but just that much better.

With updates and epic games, things are constantly changing and they are good and bad. In my last post I talked about the zombie update which was horrible, but like I said this new update was amayzing. The zombies are gone and the game was finally back to a good state. Sure there are some bugs that they could fix but that isnt really to much of a problom right now.

I think that they are really trying to improve on things like this because if they dont then they will get beat out by other games or people who tried to copie their game. There was recently a new game releced called Apex Legends. In my opinion, the game was pretty fun for the first part, but unlike forntite, it got really boring and repetitive. Also, it is to easy to get kills and play it like a normal battle royal. Things are way to unbalanced so while it is easy to get kills for myself, it is just that easy to get killed. I just really don’t like the game right now.

Here is a link to Epic Games

Here is a link to ApexLegends


February 7, 2019
by hmszachary

Why I Should Get My Own blog

     I think that if I get my own blog I will do better because I will have more creative freedom and so I will do more posts.  Also if I have my own blog I will think would be more fun because of more freedom.  Freedom is important to me because it would allow me to show what I think based on my theme.  I feel edublogs don’t give me enough freedom to do things that I would want to do like tech reviews.

Another reason why I should get my own blog is because my work would be easier for people to find.  Instead of people going to the sixth grade class blog first, they would just go to my blog.  You would be able to search for my blog as soon as you enter the edublog website.  It would be a lot quicker to get comments and other readers.

A final reason why I should get my own blog is because I would write about tech and how many specs are in a machine.  Instead of having to write on certain topics, I would put more technology based information.  For example, I would compare two devices to see which one is better.  I have compared the Nintendo Switch and PS4 and would like to write more blogs like these.  Those are the reasons I should get my own blog.

February 4, 2019
by hmskillian

Why I deserve my own blog

I deserve my own blog because I would like to share the knowledge I know, with people around the world.  But since not that many schools on Hawai’i do EDU blogs, I think doing my old blog could be fun. It could show people from other places better understandings of what Hawai’i is about. You could also find people with the same personality as you and the same interest in hobbies. We could also learn about other cultures and other interesting things that people do. That’s why I deserve my own blog.

From Killian

January 21, 2019
by hmsbrennans

What I Would Like To Write On My Blog

Hi My grade has a class blog and we posted weekly as part of the Student Blogging Challenge. I enjoyed looking at everyone’s work and becoming friends with people online. When I didn’t know what to write or how to write it, I used my classmates’ posts to help me. Some of the posts that I wrote are the Family Celebrations post and my personal favorite, the Thanksgiving post. Come see our class blog and my previous work.

Now that we have had practice writing on our class blog, I’m hoping to get my own blog. On my blog I would write about what I did that month or week. For example, my blog would tell readers what it is like in my everyday life. If I went somewhere internationally and tried new exotic foods I would say that in my blog. Or, if I just went to the movies I would include that. This could be amazing practice for my future. I could use this to start my own stream or YouTube channel.

In my free time I enjoy watching people on YouTube. They inspire me to become a YouTuber when I grow up. I want to inspire people just like how they inspired me. I would also like to become rich and famous but I think I’m going to take it little by little. That is what I would like to write about on my blog.

January 15, 2019
by hmsevan
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Why I deserve my own blog

On my blog, I will rate video games from a must have to unneeded(my opinion). I will feature games trending and old games. If I get my own blog I would review funny, cool, and fighting games such as Fortnite, Omnibus and, Clash Royal. Chick here to see my about me.

January 14, 2019
by hmsbrennans

Week 10 Audit

I participated in 7 weeks because I forgot to do three when I was sick. I wrote 9 posts (including this one). When I checked There wasn’t any comments on my post or blogs. The post that I most enjoyed writing was the celebrations because I liked looking at everyone’s different traditions. How we all had very different celebrations. I usually just used compfight or mostly the Google Imiges Copyright filter. I still plan on posting after the Student Blogging Challenge is over. I think I would post on what’s going on or whatever comes to mind.

1. My dad’s first impression on my blog was that why did some have Like 3, 4, or 5 paragraphs while others only had 1 or 2 paragraphs .

2. Something that caught his attention was the punctuation he because he thought I would have missed a lot more.

3. My dad said the punctuation was the and part because when ever he checks my work he has to put commas and periods everywhere.

4. He said to start to learn where commas and periods go. He also said to stay on topic because sometimes I start to wonder off on the post.

January 14, 2019
by hmsbrennans

Why I Deserve my own blog

Something that makes me think that I can have my own blog is that I will follow the guidelines. I will not use any inappropriate language on my blog and I will follow the essentials of a great post. I try to post often like about 2 or 3 times every month. One thing I have been working on was my punctuation and to stay on topic.

I know how to properly link and credit the photo. I won’t use any photos with out permission or filtering. I will not add in photo randomly. I will use it carefully and with my links. I will keep it in order and not have a link by itself when the photo is at the top.

Finally, I will comment nice and respectful things to fellow bloggers. I will not curse or put them down in anyway. I will comment formally and not casually. I feel this is a great way to make friends. That is why I think I should have my own blog.


January 7, 2019
by hmssean

Why I deserve my own post

I think I deserve my own blog because I like to blog, I have done all the challenges and a have done them all well. I have followed the blogging guidelines and have made interesting posts.

I love to write book reviews and ratings  like my book review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I found it really fun and I want to make more reviews about other books.

I want a new blog so I can interact with people around the globe. I want to see other cultures and see other people’s points of view on matters. I want to see other people’s work.

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